Training Programs

Expertise and Experience

Over the years, Atsaides Associates, Inc. has developed a number of training programs that have been used in business. these training programs focus on skill-development. These programs can be taught internal to the organization and facilitated by the management psychologist. If desired, these programs can also be taught by the organization after a “Train the Trainer” is conducted. The following are the training programs available to business and organizations.

Executive Axioms Leadership Program

This is an excellent program in teaching leadership skills to both new and experienced managers. The program reviews the key 25 Executive Axioms that have been developed by James P. Atsaides, Ph.D., management psychologist, from his years of experience in working with executives both internal and external to organizations. These 25 Executive Axioms are focused on attitudes, skills, techniques and management and leadership knowledge that make a difference in one’s performance as a manager and leader. These are practical concepts that the participant can implement right away.

In a training setting, this program is ideal for 5 – 15 participants. The program can be presented in a number of ways:

  • A two day training program to allow for sufficient time for exercises and discussion
  • A shorten one day training program that highlights the program material
  • A four session half day program made up of four hour sessions

Each participant receives the Executive Axiom Handbook for their personal use and resource.

Behavioral Interviewing Strategies and Techniques

This program teaches executives and managers the behavioral interviewing skills and techniques used by management psychologists when they interview senior level candidates. This program will improve the individual’s effectiveness and confidence when they conduct interviews for candidate selection. The program goes beyond the basic interviewing skills and gets into attitudes and techniques that allow the person to stay objective with the candidate.

This program is taught in groups of 5-20 individuals. Each participant receives the Behavioral Interviewing Strategies and Techniques handbook for their personal use. The handbook also includes many competencies, behavioral questions, and other resources for the individual. There are two programs available:

  • A full day training program that also includes pre-workshop evaluation material
  • A half day (four hour) training program that covers the key essentials of the program but with less exercises

Hiring Effective Legal Staff

This is a specific behavioral interviewing program for lawyers and administrators that are selecting individuals for a law firm. The Hiring Effective Legal Staff (HELS) program is focused on the competencies of lawyers and administrative staff, how to evaluate for them, and how to stay objective through the interview process.

Because of its specialized nature, this program is approved for 8 Continuing Legal Education Credits for licensed Florida layers. The program can be provided to 3-15 participants within the law firm. The program is a one day program, although it can be broken into half-day sessions. Each participant receives the HELS Handbook that is filled with important material covered in the workshop and resources for their use.

Executive Round Table Institute For Leaders

This training program is made up of a small group of executives who come together on a periodic basis and participate in a facilitated round table discussion. The group members, who are senior managers from different companies and organizations, share their experiences and learn skills and techniques to be most effective. This eight (8) session program deals with developing organizational culture, executive team performance, learning effective leader competencies, developing vision, maintaining accountability, etc. A personal management style evaluation and feedback is included for each senior manager participant.

Training Handbooks Available For Purchase:

The following handbooks have been written by Atsaides Associates, Inc. and are available for purchase.

  • Executive Axioms Leadership Program – This handbook is used in training managers and executives to think and act like an executive. The handbook is filled with skills and techniques as well as knowledge about effective leadership and managerial principles. The handbook reviews the 25 Executive Axioms that are skills and techniques used by successful leaders.
  • Behavioral Interviewing Strategies & Techniques - This is the handbook that is used by participants that go through the Behavioral Interviewing Strategies & Techniques training program. The book is filled with ideas and techniques that help both the novice and the experienced interviewer to have more confidence in the style that they use when evaluating candidates. The handbook also provides competencies, behavioral questions, and various forms that can be used to keep the interview objective. This is a great resource book for all that interview.  
  • Hiring Effective Legal Staff - This is the specialized handbook that is used for the training program, Hiring Effective Legal Staff. This handbook provides information about lawyer and administrative competencies and helps those who do the interviews of outside candidates. The book also provides competencies, behavioral interviewing questions, etc. that are specific to the legal field.
  • Career Exploration Handbook – This is a handbook for all those individuals that are facing career choices. This book includes information about searching for a position, exercises in identifying what the person wants to do, how to identify one’s competencies, how to write their resume and cover letters, how to network, etc. The handbook can also be purchased with a vocational interest survey as well as a work style measure to get a good understanding of the individual and their work orientation.
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