Personal Services

Expertise and Experience

The most important quality of a successful individual is self-awareness. If you know about yourself, you are able to work around your strengths and weaknesses. However, if you do not know who you are, then you are unable to plan for your future. Atsaides Associates, Inc. offers consulting services to individuals to help them gain a greater self-awareness. These services are usually provided one-to-one in a coaching style session(s), and paid for by the individual. Sometimes parents would want to have their children participate in these programs for their greater awareness and to help them set a plan for their future. We have significant experiences in help people develop and become successful.

Personal Coaching for Leadership Enhancement

These are ongoing coaching sessions with the management psychologist to help the individual understand themselves better and focus on their next steps for personal growth and success. The coaching sessions are focused on greater self-awareness and development and can use the concepts of the 25 Executive Axioms For Leaders for personal training. Assessment instruments to understand the individual’s personality and work style, as well as feedback sessions are included with this program.

Personal Career Awareness & Development Program

This program has been designed to help individuals understand their own career interests and how this gets translated into their career planning. This is an excellent program in understanding what one likes to do and then to explore how realistic that is for the individual to achieve. This program uses assessment instruments to look at career interest as well as work style measures. The feedback sessions cover a lot of material to help the individual understand themselves better. For those interested, the program can also include resume analysis and development.

This program is effective for many individuals, for examples those that want to:

  • Leave their current position and search for a new job
  • Explore a new career direction from what they have been pursuing
  • Understand their vocational interest patterns so they can pick the right college major (for students)
  • Understand what they would like to do in retirement that would be satisfying to them

The participants in this program are also provided the Career Awareness Handbook that has significant information about understanding one self, identifying one’s competencies, looking for a position, writing cover letters and resumes, networking, etc.

Outplacement Services and Guidance Program

There are times when an individual would rather work one-on-one with a management psychologist than go to an outplacement firm for their outplacement activities. We offer outplacement services, ongoing counseling, career exploration, resume writing, networking training, etc., to help the individual move from their current position and find a new one that may be more satisfying to the individual and that fits them better.

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