Current & Representative Clients of
Atsaides Associates, Inc.

Organizations that use management psychologists are not necessarily experiencing difficulty. In fact, most companies that utilize these services are the more advanced companies for they are the ones most interested in promoting the human element and maximizing everyone’s performance and potential. These companies know that people are the ones that ultimately affect the bottom line. They know that hiring the right senior manager, strengthening the potential of an executive, and improving the team performance will make a difference in the overall performance of the organization. Because management psychologists have a positive impact on the organization, long-term relationships with organizations are developed so that future needs can be addressed as quickly as issues may arise.

Atsaides Associates, Inc. is honored and privileged to work with Fortune 1000, national, regional and local companies and organizations. Although not complete, the following is a representation of the varied clients that Atsaides Associates has and continues to work with.


  • Moffitt Cancer Institute (National Cancer Hospital, Tampa FL)
  • Oconee Medical Center (Regional Hospital System; Seneca, SC)
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute (National Cancer Hospital, Buffalo, NY)
  • SantaFe Senior Living (Senior Residential Communities, Gainesville, FL)
  • Episcopal Ministries To The Aging, Inc. (Nursing Home System and Retirement Communities; Sykesville, MD)
  • St. Agnes Hospital (Regional Hospital, a part of Ascension Health, Baltimore, MD)
  • Sinai Hospital (Regional Hospital, Baltimore, MD)

Real Estate

  • Corporate Office Properties Trust (Real Estate Investment Trust; Columbia, MD)
  • Pacific Office Properties Trust (Real Estate Investment Trust; San Diego, CA)
  • Penzance Management (Real Estate Investments and Property Management; Washington, DC)
  • The Warren Group (Property Management, Office and Real Estate Development, Baltimore, MD)
  • Grayson Homes, Inc. (Home Developer and Builder, Baltimore, MD)

Private Equity, Venture Capital & Acquisition Firms

  • Blackstreet Capital Management (Private Equity, Acquisition & Operations firm; Wash., D.C.)
  • LBCW (Private Equity, Acquisition and Venture Capital firm; Philadelphia, PA)
  • Priority Capital Management (Venture Capital and Real Estate Investment firm; Carlsbad, CA)

Non-Profit / Attractions / Museums

  • National Aquarium In Baltimore (Visitor Attraction & Aquatic Conservation; Baltimore, MD)
  • Association of Junior Leagues International (Philanthropic Association, New York City, NY)

Attorney Firm

  • John Bales Attorneys (Plaintiff Attorney Firm, Tampa, FL)

Financial Services

  • Janney Montgomery Scott, Inc. (Financial Services & Securities; Phil., PA)
  • ING Insurance (Financial & Retirement Services; Hartford, CT)
  • Legg Mason (Financial Services; Baltimore, MD)
  • T. Rowe Price Associates (Financial Services, Baltimore, MD)
  • AMVESCAP / INVESCO (Financial and Retirement Services, Atlanta, GA)
  • First Financial Group (Insurance Agency, Towson, MD)
  • Bradford Bank (Independent Bank, Baltimore, MD)

Business & Sales Firms

  • Bales Security Agency (Security Guards and Protective Services, Tampa, FL)
  • Market Technologies (Exchange Trading Software Sales Firm For Day Traders, Tampa, FL)
  • Daycon Products (Janitorial & Facilities Products, Upper Marlboro, MD)
  • Cohen & Grieb, Inc. (Accounting firm, Tampa, FL)

Utility / Energy

  • PPL Montana (Pennsylvania Power & Light Utility; Billings, Montana)
  • Carroll Independent Fuel (Home heating oil company; Baltimore, MD)

Representative Client Engagements of
Atsaides Associates, Inc.

The following is a short list of the varied engagements that clients have called upon us to do with them.

Executive Assessments

  • President Selection – Work with Board of Directors and national recruiting firm to develop the competencies of the president position, interview and assess final candidates, provide recommendations and developmental suggestions for candidates
  • VP, Marketing Selection – Assessment of final candidates for national organization to assure competencies and fit within the culture
  • CFO Selection – Development of the competencies for the CFO position and development of Interview Guide to be used by senior staff
  • President Succession Planning – Evaluate senior members to assess capabilities and potential to take over the President position in a few years. Coach individuals for improved performance.
  • Vice President Human Resource – Participate with and facilitate the internal Search Committee to find candidates, assess resumes, interview finalists and help to select the candidate that best fits with the organization’s culture.
  • Chair Of Medical Department – Interview and evaluate three internal candidates to help the selection committee understand each person’s strengths and capabilities to be the Chair of this important position.
  • Evaluate President Candidates – Assess and make recommendations for a Venture Capital firm as they acquire new companies and need to staff them with outside former presidents of similar companies.

Executive Team Development

  • Assess Senior Executive Team To Improve Performance – Evaluate President and Senior Vice Presidents to assess personal leadership styles, current culture, and current team performance. Develop desired culture understanding with the team, coach individuals and team for improvement into a High Performance Team. Work with executive for succession planning.
  • Develop Executive Team Alignment – Facilitate meetings with four national regional vice presidents to align their operations, build better team morale, clarify roles and expectations
  • Build Team Ownership – Work with individuals of team and facilitate team meetings to build better working relationships, clarify expectations, and develop desired culture

Executive Coaching

  • Senior Vice President Coaching To Develop Potential – Provide coaching along with assessment and multi-rater feedback to improve the performance and potential of highly capable individual
  • Vice President Development – Assess and coach moderately performing individual to build stronger leadership style and adjust to a new faster paced organization
  • Executive Coaching of New President – Conduct executive coaching with the new president of the organization who was identified as having great potential and needing further development. Coaching focused on culture development and learning the Executive Axioms.
  • Transitioning CEO to new CEO – Work with current CEO as he transitions out of his position and allow Board of Directors to hire new CEO.
  • Provide Feedback For Management Development - Serve as facilitator to senior group to provide each member feedback for their personal management development.

Organization Development

  • Use Of Selection Instruments – Teach organization to use management selection instruments for selection of candidates. Work with Human Resource Department to best set up new procedures and protocols.
  • Evaluate Employee Survey Results – Help organization understand the meaning of an Employee Survey and to develop strategies to have management discuss the results and come up with plans for solutions.
  • Participate with Sales Organization – Work with sales organization to identify buying habits and facilitating focus group to discuss and plan future actions.
  • Restructure Organization For Future Growth - Work with owners and senior managers to develop a new organization to allow for more flexibility and succession planning.

Managerial & Associate Assessments

  • Assessments of New Hires - Evaluate all new hires of an organization to be sure of culture fit as well as capabilities.
  • Assess Temporary Staff To Full Time Status – Evaluate staff that is in temporary status with the organization to see if they meet the challenges, have the right capabilities and potential, and fit the culture of the organization to move to full time status.

Testimonials from Clients who have Engaged
Atsaides Associates, Inc.

Atsaides Associates, Inc. is honored and proud to be associated with many exceptional firms and organizations. The following are testimonials that were unsolicited and received by Atsaides Associates, Inc. to provide a glimpse of the capabilities and client reactions to our services. These testimonials have been separated into four major areas reflective of our expertise.

(A.) Executive and Managerial Evaluations – Testimonials

“Just wanted to send you, Jim, a personal note thanking you for all you have done for my organization over the years. We are only as good as our people and you have been key in the selection and building process.”

- Corporate Office Properties Trust

“Thank you for your fine work on the evaluation of the potential candidate for the President/CEO.  You managed so well to help us have the information we need as we try to keep to our schedule.  The evaluation will be shared with the Board. Your assessment is of great value as we proceed with his candidacy.  It is also a help to those of us in leadership positions to understand where he will need our support.  Again, let me express my appreciation.” 

- Episcopal Ministries To The Aged

"Let me say that I think your reports will be of enormous help to us as we restructure, and select key players to go forward. Thanks for your prompt response to our needs!"

- Baltimore Gas & Electric, Constellation Energy

“Thanks, Jim. I really appreciate your work and would like to schedule a call with you to follow up and see how we are doing. In the meantime, I’m going to forward your name to some of my partners. Your unique ability to do your great work so effectively from afar is amazing and your efficiency is too. And it is enjoyable working with you.  It’s something that my partners need! Thanks for your great help here.”

- LBCW Investments

"We have used Jim and his company extensively, particularly in the area of evaluation of candidates for management positions as well as organizational analyses and problem resolution. They are a very professional firm and very effective at what they do."

- Northwest Hospital Center

"There are a number of reasons why we use your services. One is probably less scientific than the other, and that's because there is a positive personal relationship between us. We appreciate your professionalism and we have confidence in the assessments and their quality that you provide us. The reports we've seen have been pretty accurate. Your evaluations and your feedback is objective. Another reason is that your assessment techniques add additional insights to situations, and I have faith in them. Your insights help us understand the characteristics of people, how they think, how they will react in situations, and how they will interact interpersonally. This allows us to better know what the hot buttons are and how to deal with them. Because of these, I find your evaluations very useful."

- St. Agnes HealthCare

“Jim, hello. This is just the most incredible report. I am so impressed with the thoroughness of your study and I cannot thank you enough for the insight you are giving me as to how to help him best succeed, which means we all succeed. Interestingly enough, I have already put into place a few of your ideas before getting the report - e.g. the weekly meeting, expectations and job duties, orientation with the other directors. However, you have given me insights that I might never have thought about. This is a great tool for me to use and I thank you very, very much. I felt very good about Ray in hiring him - you confirm that for me.”

- Episcopal Ministries to the Aged

“Thank you for your prompt work and report.  You never cease to amaze me; you are right on with this evaluation.”

- Oconee Medical Center

(B.) Executive and Managerial Development And Coaching - Testimonials

“Jim, I have been meaning to write to thank you for all of your support and guidance this year. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you and learn from you. The time was well spent and I feel confident I am prepared to continue on my path of personal development. Thank you.”

- ING, Wealth Management

“Thank you for sharing your feedback and being a partner with us as we work diligently to get through these challenging times. Your on-going support is greatly appreciated and I'm happy that your services will be available to help our managers as we ask them to be more creative and to think "out of the box" operationally to do more with less.”

- Episcopal Ministries to the Aged

“Jim, I would like to personally thank you for your contributions towards my development as a leader. You have made a difference and I think it was a very beneficial exercise. Thanks again.”

- ING, Fund Operations

“Thanks! Blaine came in my office and expressed how much he appreciated your coaching and feedback, and his eagerness to work to improve his style. Your comments and suggestions were very valuable to him. Blaine is very receptive to feedback and always actively doing things to look to improve himself, so from that standpoint is a pleasure to work with!”

- Pennsylvania Power & Light, Montana Operations

"I will never forget the opportunity I had to work with you. I would like for you to know that you left a positive lasting impression."

- Grayson Homes, Inc.

"I wanted to let you know once again how much I appreciate you getting together with me. I have continued to pay attention to some of the 'areas of improvement' we discussed and shared with the board some of the findings."

- MarketPoint, LLC

"Thank you for taking the time to review your assessment and offer suggestions for my continued growth as an executive and leader. Your advice was timely and very pertinent to my career goals. It was refreshing to discuss these opportunities in such a positive and constructive atmosphere."

- St. Agnes HealthCare

"Jim, since you know I am the type to "process" things, I wanted to let a few days pass to fully absorb our conversation of Monday afternoon. I still remain amazed that my profile was so right on, at least from my perspective. All of your points and advice were well taken. The context you most often referenced had to do with those in executive positions and that was helpful to me. Thanks again for a very productive and interesting conversation."

- Fourth Dimension Partners, LLC

“Thank you, Jim. We are very appreciative of your insightful executive coaching. You have added an important dynamic to the support of our leadership team.”

- Episcopal Ministries to the Aged

(C.) Senior Team Performance Enhancement – Testimonials

"Thanks so much for working with us again. We all enjoyed the session immensely and found it very useful when we were slating our candidates. We had a wonderful weekend … your many contributions to AJLI and making our nominating process so professional. I have so enjoyed working with you for the past two years and have learned so much."

- Association Of Junior Leagues International

"A belated thanks for all of your time last week. We all agreed that it was helpful in focusing, identifying some areas where we need to further clarify, as well as validating areas of agreement. We are looking forward to seeing you again next week."

- Howard Bank

"Great session yesterday. I found it very informative and energizing. I felt that you challenged the group and the individuals to a higher level of efficiency and performance in a rational and logical manner. Well done."

- National Aquarium In Baltimore

(D.) Organization Analysis And Culture Development – Testimonials

“Jim-  An enormous thanks to you!  I know we must have worn you out the past three days.  Can’t thank you enough for being with us.  You have given me such a better sense of comfort regarding Senior Leadership.  Just knowing you are helping and will work with us to develop our team is wonderful.  I deeply appreciate your expertise. Thanks!”

- Oconee Medical Center

“I really appreciate your understanding and willingness to work with EMA.   From my perspective, you have given the leadership team the tools to recognize, mitigate the effects, and manage through the organizational crises.  Thanks for all you do for EMA, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.”

- Episcopal Ministries to the Aged

“Jim. I just wanted to say that it was truly a pleasure to work with you. You are a good man who speaks from his heart and not just from his head. That is the key to your gift of being able to connect with people and helping us to see that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Stay in touch and I hope to have the privilege of working with you again.”

- ING, Leadership Development, HR

"Jim, I would like to thank you for being the catalyst for the most significant period of change in the 95 year history of Carroll Independent Fuel. Over the past 3 years, thanks to your guidance, we have re-engineered this entire organization from top to bottom. This year will go in the books as our most profitable year ever. Running a family business of this size really presents some challenges. Thanks to you, we navigated some really tough issues and have emerged stronger than ever! You are truly a wise counselor."

- Carroll Independent Fuel

“I am told George Washington would often call upon the phrase... "We cannot ensure success, but we can DESERVE it! Our team in Colorado Springs is working harder, smarter and with more vigor than before. Jim Atsaides worked with us from 9 to 4:30 yesterday and I can assure you that "all hands" in Colorado Springs are committed to COPT's success here and eventually in other neighboring markets! Thank you for investing in us by sending Jim. With gratitude.”

- Corporate Office Properties Trust

"What adjectives would I use to describe Atsaides Associates? Comfortable, quality, available, objective, responsive, comprehensive, friendly."

- St. Agnes Hospital, Ascension Health

"We like to use Atsaides Associates in addressing organizational dynamics issues, culture issues, and trying to create tangibles out of those intangibles."

- Sinai Hospital

"I use Atsaides Associates, Inc. to examine organizational options and bouncing off ideas for handling organizational change. Initially we started using you for helping us evaluate potential jobs with individuals and their fit; now I look to you for larger organizational issues."

- W. R. Grace

"I find Atsaides Associates to be bright, friendly, interested, concerned, sensitive, a little cautious for accuracy, and creative."

- Legg Mason

"Thanks again for your help. I have received many favorable comments about your work with us."

- PPL, Montana

"I have used Jim's services for 19 years and have found him to be extremely helpful."

- First Financial Resources

“I have known Jim for more than 20 years. He was the founder/owner of a consultation firm devoted exclusively to Industrial & Organizational Psychology. His clients trusted and respected his service to them. I can vouch for Jim’s sound character and reputation.”

- Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

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