James P. Atsaides, Ph.D.
James P. Atsaides, Ph.D.
Management Psychologist


All companies want to be successful and are focused on performance. Everyone knows that it is the people that affect the performance and the bottom line of an organization. Hiring the right people, helping to develop them to become stronger and focused on their work, aligning the senior team, and building a healthy and robust culture are just a few of the necessities that the leaders of the organization must address to achieve success and high performance.

As a management psychologist, Dr. James P. Atsaides has provided the business community objective human capital assessments and effective organization consulting services for over 30 years. Jim has made a positive difference in the well-being of organizations and the growth of their people. He knows how to analyze the current makeup of an individual or an organization, and help them develop stronger processes and systems to reach their full potential. He has developed a reputation of being a trusted ally to senior management.

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